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my hand in friendship to LISBETH MUNEZ who is a human rights activist in VENEZULA.Please google her story and help to spread the plea for her release.This blog will terminate on Aug 4,2017.


February 2017 Informal Survey of Mailboxes and Mail carriers-

Thanks to Olivia in Chicago for the mailbox  images.Here are a few unsung her heroes of the U.S.P.S.,Larry in Massachusetts,Paul in Ohio,Wilford in Arizona,Gary in S.Carolina,Sara in Colorado,Alice in California and Neil in Utah.

The variation of receptacles for containing mail vary. Silver block style cubes w/locks,baskets on porches,wooden  boxes with slots and slots in doors. They  sit on pedestals,posts or gates others still  lean and list.

One thing was evident in each description,the love of  mail. We respect the ceremony of writing,sending,receiving and opening. Mail can be early,late,wet or returned.Nothing seems to deter it.Now coming to an area near you,U.S.P.S. e-mail notification.

Meet you in the mail-